F&B, short for food and beverage, is usually of the largest departments in any business. Budgetary control is therefore dependent to a large extent on the results of this department. The managers are responsible to evaluate not only past performance but also current trends and any limiting factor that may affect their decision. Negative affect on sales is usually a result of current state of employment, political situation in a country, and condition of local industries, among other factors. In this article, we are going to explore the factors that need to be considered when building budgets for F&B projects in the UAE.

When budget is being built for any department, there are two main objectives: to plan and execute and to control. The manager responsible for budgeting makes sure that planning and execution is in accordance with the entire business activity. The newer trend in the UAE is moving towards themed outlets for which a professional fit out contractor Dubai needs to be hired. The contractor would help you build the budget based on the theme of the outlet as well as other requirements.

Budget is usually expressed as four individual factors, namely;

  • Cash budget
  • Sales budget
  • Cost of labor
  • Profit and loss


When building budget in an establishment, some of the limiting factors include; size of the business, sitting capacity, and consumer demand. For example, the consumer demand may decrease when there are poor weather conditions and/or there are transport or parking difficulties in the area. In the F&B department, the costs are considered direct variable costs. This means the costs would increase with the volume of business and vice versa. The cost of labor also has to be incorporated to calculate the total expenses.

Among the latest food innovations are organic food restaurants, themed eateries, and DIY food options in the UAE. These have been confirmed in the KPMG 2016 Food & Beverage Report. These new ideas have changed the way consumers spend their money on eating out. They usually look for themed locations when it comes to celebrating birthday parties and other events. Similarly, more people are turning their attention towards organic and healthy food options to avoid the harmful long- term effects fast food.

So, when building budget for F&B projects, all these factors have to be considered if you want to outdo your competitors in the UAE food & beverage market. F&B fit out has a profound effect on overall sales and it is also directly related to building your budget for the next project. The restaurant fit out contractors you choose to work with must come up with plans that are flexible as well as efficient. Considering the results of the KPMG Report, it is very much obvious that interior design fit out is going to be on the forefront of F&B success in the years to come. It is time you incorporated in your entire planning phase in order to gain manifold benefits in the long run.