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Esteemed digital publication BUILD Magazine recently concluded its 2019 Architecture Awards. Dedicated to the construction and development sectors, BUILD looks to highlight the best outputs from various companies in the industry. With the Architecture Awards, the magazine provides companies with a venue to share, collaborate and show their works.

The Architecture Awards started in 2015 to recognize and appreciate what construction and development companies have to offer. Looking at the diverse services offered under these, BUILD considered several factors in determining the winner of various subcategories.

This year, A&T Group Interiors won the recognition for the Best Bespoke Interiors in Hospitality and F&B in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). With its 10 years of skillful efficiency, A&T’s interior fit projects are sustainable and innovative by BUILD’s research team.

Characteristics of the Best Bespoke Interiors

With such recognition for the company’s fit out works, you may be wondering what exactly qualifies as a great bespoke interior fit-out. To help you find good tailor-fit designs, here are some characteristics that make their designs the best.

In an age when clean and green projects are at the top of many people’s priority, the company looks to supply solutions that will satisfy this requirement. The fit-out firm has developed sustainable innovations to supply safe and conservational yet effective solutions. From creating energy-efficient spaces to designing hospitality and food & beverage establishments that use resources in the best way possible, A&T’s bespoke designs that are fit for the modern world, as well as eco-friendly.

Located in the GCC, the company recognizes the need for flexibility, especially with the region being a center for technological developments, as well for the mobility of people, ideas and goods. Because of this, the firm works to create designs that not only cater to residents of the Gulf, but also to foreign companies and individuals. To this end, their designs are adaptable to the needs of their clients, from creative layouts to open spaces and even shared areas.

In line with its goals to offer flexible layouts, the company also strives to supply relevant solutions to modern problems. One such need they address is the needs of the GCC workforce and consumers. In some countries such as the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, there is a demand for co-living spaces by their respective workforces. The firm looks to develop ways to cater to current needs and preferences. In fact, it is now doing so by designing co-living and co-working spaces all over Dubai.

While the firm works to supply solutions to current problems, making its services relevant, it also aims to offer forward-looking solutions. This means that it is working not only to supply sustainable, flexible and currently relevant designs but also to offer ones that will be relevant in the future. This comes in the form of timeless aesthetics combined with cultural and social ideas that are adaptable to current and future technologies.

Creating bespoke interior designs not only requires excellence in the industry, but also a passion for supplying what the market needs. With A&T Group’s supreme interior contracting services and years of experience in the field, it can deliver exceptional bespoke outputs that fit today’s needs. Looking for the best interior fit-out contracting company in Dubai? A&T--at your service.

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For over a decade, A&T Group Interiors has been recognized as one of the best interior fit out companies in UAE, offering premium quality interior fit out solutions. Get in touch to find out more about our team and services.

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