Food & Beverage is a huge industry not only in the UAE but all over the world. Bars, cafes, restaurants, fast food outlets, steakhouses, coffee houses, bakeries, and the list goes on; the more eating out options being available to public, the more conscious they become of the atmosphere, the ambiance. Today people like to visit places that are family friendly and based on a particular theme. Moreover, they want to have only healthy food options, as mentioned in the KPMG 2016 Food & Beverage Report.

Some of the most noteworthy challenges fit out contractors Dubai face when executing F&B projects include;

- Economic downturn or recession greatly affects the way F&B projects are executed. This is something that may happen anytime without any prediction based on political situations and other factors. Contractors have to keep this challenge in mind when they plan and execute their food & beverage projects.

- It is usually difficult for established business owners to change or shift their thinking to meet the challenges of the modern world. This is again a difficulty faced by contractors or interior fit out companies in Dubai because when they try to introduce a new concept, the owners consider it hard to adapt with.

- Local craftsmanship has to be used in accordance with the modern design and aesthetics using a sustainable strategy. If the fit out contractor you hire is unable to incorporate this into their food & beverage project, the result is not going to be very impressive.

- Technology has made things easier in almost any sector with the introduction of mobile apps and facility of e-commerce. However, food & beverage is one industry that lags behind on this forefront because food is always consumed fresh and clean. Interior fit out companies in UAE have to consider this limitation when planning their design projects.

- There are defined boundaries for designers when they are handed over the job of designing or redesigning an F&B project. They have to stay within those boundaries otherwise the requirements would not be met. At the same time they are expected to come up with something that would completely outshine their competitors as F&B is a highly competitive market. This is yet again a challenge for the contractors and they have to overcome it to express their artistic capabilities in a professional way.

Challenges are everywhere especially when it comes to presenting something to the public they already have a lot of experience with. Food & beverage is one sector that makes fit out contractors try out many different approaches to come up with an idea that is utterly amazing. The main thing is to approach these difficulties the right way using the right technology and tools and at the right time. Interior designers and fit out contractors are set to excel once they have successfully completed an F&B project. This is where their abilities are tested as it is a huge industry spanning over many different forms of outlets and hundreds of themes.

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