Starting a food & beverage business in Dubai is considered the best investment option especially if you have a unique and totally original idea. A project starts when an idea has been conceived and a few requirements have been laid out. It could be a totally new idea, something nobody has ever done before, or it could be a new approach to an existing concept in the food & beverage industry. If the feasibility study has already been done, the next comes the execution phase. This is one of the most important phases in an F&B project but before that you need to shortlist your fit out companies in UAE and then finalize one. This is because in the next phase you will be working with your interior designer. And possibly have your chefs share their input with the designer as well. You will be discussing alternative solutions to make the overall cost somewhat lower than the estimate and incorporate information technology into the overall plan to further reduce costs.

Below is a list of considerations before taking a plunge into an F&B project:

- When it comes to food & beverage fit out, the project execution is largely dependent on customer expectations. You have to spend a lot of time on market research, to see what your competitors are doing, and what the customers expect.

- Dubai is increasingly becoming the architect’s heaven with the passage of time because of so many startups entering the market each day. It is therefore very crucial to work with an experienced fit out contractor in Dubai; otherwise there will no way of ensuring that the project will be successful.

- When it comes to interior designing, the best designers are ones who take into considerations all aspects of an F&B project. They make sure there is minimal chance of food wastage, the floor space is utilized to the maximum, and the final design is in compliance with Dubai municipality requirements.

- According to Dubai municipality, when an F&B project is being executed, the kitchen space should be about 40% of the entire area. Your designer should be aware of small details like this and should come up with a plan that perfectly reflects these guidelines.

- It is usually said that suppliers including fit out contractors are responsible for either making or breaking your project. So, again we emphasize on choosing the best contractor as well as supplier of other equipment needed for your outlet so that the money you spend on this huge venture doesn’t go to waste.

There is a need to avail turnkey interior design solutions Dubai whenever an F&B project is untaken to redesign,transform or renovate your interiors into something that would totally amaze the visitors. Keep the above-mentioned considerations in mind before starting execution of an F&B project. And most important of all, don’t forget to hire an experienced and well-reputed fit out contractor to have the job well done and on time!

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