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Project delivery is made possible when people from different walks of life work together as a team and contribute their expertise to each deliverable along the way. This is known as Integrated Project Delivery or IPD and it is an approach that divides the overall risk and reward equally among all the participants. However, when people are working collaboratively to achieve some common goals, conflicts are inevitable.

When it comes to fit out companies in Dubai, the clash usually occurs on disagreements and stress of meeting the deadlines. When such a clash occurs precious time is wasted in resolving the issue, new materials are needed to be ordered, and new costs are incurred including possible legal costs.

Interior design or fit out is a process in which the employers have to rely on their designers for the completion and success of their projects. The values and interests of contractors may differ from that of designers or employees and because of this reason conflicts occur. The contractor usually sees the project from a client’s perspective; while the designers have their own perception based on their methodology. Personality clashes are also quite common where interior fit out UAE is concerned.

At A&T Group Interiors, an in-house project management team is allocated to every new fit out project. This team works on the principles of agile management in order to incorporate all integrated services. The company has on board some of the best professional designers with excellent communication skills. They have years of experience when it comes to working collaboratively on turnkey and high-profile projects that require special expertise in addition to adequate experience and accreditation.

It is important to note that designer contractors clash is common but it should be resolved quickly through effective communication otherwise some negative effects would take place putting the entire project at stake. Deadlocks are created, time and energy are lost in fighting rather than doing something constructive, and attention is taken away from the main issues to trivial problems. The project at hand is affected badly and it is the fit out contractor in Dubai that has to face the consequences and bear the losses.

Effective communication when a clash occurs is something a manager promotes. Communication is not only important among workers but it is equally important to convey your message effectively to the client at each and every stage of the project.

So, make sure you hire the best managers out there who are capable of leading happy teams and happy employees. The conflicts must be avoided but in case it does occur during a project, it should be used as a tool for education and training of the other employees on team. Remember, workplace conflict doesn’t always have negative consequences. The manager may use various conflict management strategies to resolve the issues including counseling, confrontation, compromise, and conflict avoidance. Always keep the vision and values of your company before everything else so that conflicts could be resolved in a friendly atmosphere.

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For over a decade, A&T Group Interiors has been recognized as one of the best interior fit out companies in UAE, offering premium quality interior fit out solutions. Get in touch to find out more about our team and services.

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