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Whenever a project is undertaken, the first and foremost goal is to meet client’s expectations. The contracting industry particularly has to deal with very high standards when it comes to quality, efficiency and timeliness. The construction and renovation scenario in the Middle East has seen a dramatic drift in recent years with so many new startups entering the market. There is not just competition within the UAE but also across the border and owing to these significant expectations, the fit out companies in Dubai also have to rethink their strategies in order to win the race.

Budgeting is one aspect of business operations that help managers meet client’s expectation particularly when it comes to cost estimation. The manager must be able to control the process of budgeting, such that the expected results could be compared with what was actually achieved. Budgetary control also allows the manager to analyze sales performance of the business depending on past results and current trends.

There can be a few limiting factors that may affect the process of budgeting as they may have a negative effect on overall sales. At times the facilities are scarce, there is limited sitting capacity and the consumer demand drops due to any reason at all. It could be the weather or unavailability of parking space. All these factors contribute to assessing and managing overall client expectations.

Whether it is commercial fit out Dubai or a project for F&B redesign or relocation, managing client expectations requires changing your overall strategy. It has been suggested that there is a need to make changes to the operating model in order to keep client’s expectations always at the front. The contractors have to make sure that there operating models are not fragmented. Moreover, there is much more to a project than just deadlines and costs. It is imperative to look at priorities from a much broader angle than just delivering one aspect of the project and then moving on to the next without forming any connection between the two deliverables.

It is the quality of management in a fit out company Dubai that determines whether client expectations would be fulfilled or not. The staff needs to be highly skilled and trained in the F&B industry. Moreover, lack of funds is another factor that may interfere with effective management of client expectations. It is the responsibility of the manager to develop a sales budget as this is one of the most important types of budgets in any company. It has an influence on other types of budgets and thus also has a direct relation with client expectations.

When we say managing client expectations, we actually mean exceeding the customer’s perception of the project and delivering something that totally amazes them. This requires thinking out of the box and communicating this paradigm shift to everyone who is involved in designing, building, and finishing. Customers are also becoming actively involved in what goes on throughout the project life cycle. They want to see progress at each and every step and milestones that actually have weight and significance.

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For over a decade, A&T Group Interiors has been recognized as one of the best interior fit out companies in UAE, offering premium quality interior fit out solutions. Get in touch to find out more about our team and services.

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